Could anyone check this essay for me? Please, I would be really grateful to you.

25 years in the Future
What will I be doing in 25 years? Well, I have never been much of a planner; I always just wait until the last minute and then see what happens. My parents always ask me “what are you going to do next … (week, month, summer)” and my answer is almost every time the same: “I don’t know yet, I’ll see”. So it is hard for me to tell you something about my future, but there is also a lot of free space for my fantasy.

In 25 years from now I am going to turn 46, as I celebrated my 21st birthday last month. My young, rebellious nature will be long gone and I am going to live a peaceful life – as peaceful as life of a long forgotten actress could ever be. I’ll have three wonderful children by that time – two boys and a girl. The boys will be older so they can take care of their little sister since she was born; just as I was taken care of by my two older brothers when I was a little girl.

I will have been married to a rich businessman for twenty years until we divorce after I find out about his affairs with his secretary and many others. During the divorce I am going to find out that I am not as forgotten as I thought. Almost every tabloid newspaper is going to write about it, but it will calm down after a while. After the divorce I will obtain half of his wealth and will be travelling all over the world for some time to recover.
I’ll visit incredible places – Africa, Australia, Scotland, India, Finland, Spain, New Zeeland … I will decide to stay in New Zeeland for a while because of the landscape and the nature of the people living here.

My children will be mature enough to take care of themselves and our three dogs by the time I leave for my travels. I will have been travelling for almost two years after the divorce and I am going to gain a lot of new knowledge from my travels. I might even come back with a new husband.