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    Grammar assessment

    Are the following sentence correct 1-5

    For each of the following five sentences:

    (i) Identify the verb phrase.
    (ii) Name the structure.
    (iii) Label the parts of the structure.
    (iv) Describe the functional meaning conveyed by the verb in the sentence.


    I start work at seven every morning.
    (i) start
    (ii) present simple
    (iii) base form
    (iv) a routine

    I was living in Peru at the time.
    (i) was living
    (ii) past continuous
    (iii) auxiliary 'be' (past tense) + present participle
    (iv) an activity in progress at a specified time in the past

    1) I went to Thailand to teach last year

    (ii)Past simple
    (iii)main verb 'go'+ past tense (infinitive)
    (iv)A completed action at a specific time in the past

    not sure if i need the 'to'?

    2) she can speak Mandarin
    (i)Can speak
    (ii) Present simple
    (iii)modal verb 'can' + main verb 'speak' (infinitive)

    3) I'm seeing the director tomorrow
    (i)'m seeing
    (ii)present continuous
    (iii)present simple of 'be' (am) + present participle of main verb
    (iv)A definite future event

    4) he's been a teacher for ten years
    (i)'s been
    (ii)present perfect
    (iii) present simple of 'has' + main verb(past participle)
    (iv)A state or activity that began in the past and continues down to the present

    5) The school was founded in 2002
    (i) was founded
    (ii)past simple passive
    (iii)auxiliary "be" (past simple) + main verb (past participle)
    (iv) a past action with the focus on the action, not who carried out the action

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    Re: Grammar assessment

    Welcome to the forum, E.d.

    We like to help when we can, but we don't help with assignments, even checking them, until your teacher/tutor/professor has marked them. S/he wants to know what you can do wnot what we can do.

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    Re: Grammar assessment

    Thanks for reply back. I can confirm that sentences 2, 3, and 4 have been checked and are correct. The issue is with sentences 1 and 5. I wanted to check that I had understood the structure and function correctly.

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    Re: Grammar assessment

    Please bear in mind that if you came to this site looking for answers to the grammar module and opt to copy these, the tutors are aware of these answers (and the ones on other sites as well). It is cheating to copy from websites and if you do, you will fail the quiz (and possibly the whole course) and not get a refund. Check the terms and conditions on plagiarism.

    Study the grammar module - the answers are all in there - and do your own work. Your future students (and bosses) will expect you to be able to explain the grammar to them. Didn't you sign up for the course so that you would be able to do it well?

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