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    Thumbs up help!!!

    can you please just remind me the 4 names of something? i have 1, can you help me find the other 3?, imperative, -, -, -?
    thanks if you can help = )

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    Re: help!!!

    Grammatical moods found in English:
    indicative mood (factual)
    imperative mood (command)
    subjunctive mood (hypothetical; wish)
    conditional (lack of certainty)
    generic mood (generalization)

    In other languages:
    negative mood (negated action)
    interrogative mood (asking questions)
    optative mood (hopes, wishes, commands)
    cohortative mood (plea, insistence, implore)
    potential mood (probability)
    eventive mood (potential-conditional)
    hypothetical mood (counterfactual but possible event)
    dubitative mood (doubt, uncertainty)
    energetic mood ( strong believe, emphasis)



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