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    Writing an Essay

    Many learners are required to write essays in English. While most of these students also write essays for other courses in their native language, they often feel hesitant when writing essays in English. Here is a guide to writing a...


    Source: English as 2nd Language
    English as 2nd Language
    I'm not a teacher, so please consider any advice I give in that context.

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    That is some good advice. (There are some interesting errors there too--notably, comma splices.)

    Thanks, Red!


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    Re: Writing an Essay

    I would like to write about the qualities of good neighbor.
    when we want to choose the suitable house for us, the first step we have to do is asking about our neighbor and search about the qualities of the good one. lets start by considering the fact that good neighbor, approachable easier than relatives when we face the emergancy cases.

    there are many qualities of good neighbor, and i would like to put them in the following way:-
    first, friendly, i think friendy is the most important quality that concern me when i think about the neighbor qualities. i could justify that by interduce the following eample, sometimes we face problemes at work, ususally our friends are our collage at worke, so we have to find some one else to take to about our problem in such case the neighbor if he or she is have afriendly manner will be the best one for that.

    fealty, it is the scond most important quality of my neighbor. we have to fell safe about our house and its contant, so we must have fealty neighbor who at lest tell us when he see something wrong at our home.

    in the end the suitable neighbor for me, is that one i have somthing in common with, like the field of study or like some thing to do togther.

    based on all the above mentioned reasons, i prefer the pefore hand qualities in my neighbors, also i tolled you my reasons for that. in the other side you maybe dont like that qualities and you have your reasons.
    in order that i think our way of thinking is the only way to delimit our neighbors qualities.

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    Re: Writing an Essay

    well,i am also appearing in competative examinations,plz anyone want to help me in this regard,i would be extremly thankfull for thw act,

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