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    once you are on bed ready for sleep

    Is the "for sleep" necessary here or does just "on bed" suffice?

    No matter what the time is, once you are in bed for sleep, just be prayerful.

    What will be the meaning conveyed to you if someone tells you this?
    Does the above sentence sound natural? What I mean to say here is after he has lied down on bed and all the while before he has fallen into sleep, to have a prayerful mind/mood.
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    Re: once you are on bed ready for sleep

    We don't say "on bed". We say "in bed" to mean "under the covers". You put "in bed" once in your post and "on bed" three times.
    I don't know what a "prayerful mind/mood" means.

    Once you are in bed and ready to go to sleep, say your prayers.
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