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    hi there,,,,
    i am confused about my essay
    i don't know if it is right or wrong
    my essay is about the best country you visit
    i just want to learn and check my errors
    i hope you can help me about my grammer and punctuation marks

    when i was youn, i have not had the opportunity to try the travel and, how much is it fun. but when i got married, the travelling is became on of my personal interests. because when i tried it with my husband i could not stop telling him to travel again and again. the most important trip of my life was going to the U.S.A .

    back in 2012, my husband told me that he is thinking about going to the U.S.A . i wasn't very excited about this trip because i was thinking of the hours in the air plane, it is far away. but i agreed him, when i arrived to New York and i saw the Times Square, i realized why my husband decide to go this country. we go a lot of places, we went to Statue Of Librty, Empire State Buliding, and Lion King Show. it was so much fun; for sure we did not forget taking photos. the after 10 interesting days in order of our schedule we traveled to florida to stay 20 days.

    the best place for vacation in floida is orlando.orlando is suitable for all kinds of people, whether they are men, women, children, or seniors. we went too many entertianment places, such as ; Disney world, and Universal Studio. i had so much fun there. i will not forget the happiness i feel there the rest of my life. when we played the games, we were very happy to the degree that we imagined we return back to our childhood, because the games inside these places is designed for children and families. also i want to talk about the addiction to all women which is the shopping. there are too many malls in orlando, like Mall Of Millennia, Florida Mall , and Fashion Square Mall, and a lot of shopping outlets. it was cool to shopping and buying itemes that you know you will not find it in your country.

    i want also to tell you that traveling is the best kind od education. when i was in U.S.A , i found the opportunity to communicate with the people in different places, such as: the reception in hotels, resturants, and shopping. during our journey, it was my husbands birthday, so i had to arrange and plane a nice surprise for him. this occasion was a good opportunity for me to learn how to communicate with the people, especially with the people who talk english, and then i found my at the end of my travel that i am able to learn english not just to talk, but learn it academically.

    when i was a child, i did not give the travel my attention and i did not expect that it is so much valuable. because it is the best chance to relax, had new experience in new country you did not visit, and breaks the routine.of course, travels costs a lot of money. but the education, clture, and fun is worth. we should all travel as long as we can.

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    Are you sure that your native language is English?

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    anoud, welcome to Using English.

    First, we cannot help with any assignment that will be submitted to your teacher. It's important your teacher know what you can do, so he or she knows how to help you.

    Second, you MUST know that capital letters are an essential part of using correct English. I stopped reading your essay because you didn't even try to use capital letters.

    After you submit your essay to your teacher (and I strongly suggest you fix the capitalization before you do) if you have questions about your teacher's comments, please come back and ask them.
    I'm not a teacher, but I write for a living. Please don't ask me about 2nd conditionals, but I'm a safe bet for what reads well in (American) English.

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