Hello, who can check the text for grammar (and other mistakes)? This is motivation letter, could you tell me about structure mistake, if you can.
P.S. Sorry for my bad english, i'm from Estonia...

Throughout my life I was closely linked with the economy as my father an economist by profession. He was the man to whom I want to be like and he is an example for me of a successful person. My parents instilled to me an interest to the exact sciences, and in the future I have got interest about an economy too . I have a basic understanding of this profession, as apart from the help of my family, I received information from various books , lectures what were held in our city , and I also participated in the economic debate , what happened in Narva College . It gave me the basic knowledge of that, what is happening in today's world economy and politics, but also allowed me to get a broader outlook. So my current knowledge allows me to understand the market and what it involves.
In my life, the exact sciences , such as mathematics and physics are very important , as they help to find the most effective solution to the problems, think through the situation and it helps me to think. My native language is Russian , but I have a B1 in Estonian and 4.5 for IELTS. In addition, for three years I taught German at school. During the training in school, I took part in various competitions what were connect to the economy. I participated in the Olympiad in Economics and Mathematics , organized by the St. - Petersburg State University. Received knowledge in this competition helped me to further develop my skills and in 2011 me and my partner took 1st place in the city tournament in economics , and in 2013 the third place. As I mentioned , I have been involved in the debate , the topics which are mainly related to economics and politics , using the knowledge of the economy, provided to me more than once to yhe first or second place. Also we can not forget about school , where I got from economy lessons additional knowledge and skills . In my free time I like to read different books , listen to music and play chess. I use the internet for what to be aware of world events, and I often listen to presentations by various anchorman related to the economy, such as Mikhail Khazin , a leading Russian economist.
In your university , I hope to develop my current knowledge and apply them in practice. The purpose of my life can be considered as a desire to become a highly skilled person and useful to society in the field of economics . I also think that the skills acquired from the training will help me to better focus in life and be more successful. I want to learn in the UK because I see in this country more opportunities for learning and development than at home . I would also like to add that studying in foreign universities will help me better reach out to other people that will help me in the future in life. In the future, I plan to either work in a big company or start a business, as it is did my father .
I am an energetic , easily finding the contact with other people and stress for me is not a problem for example for a long time work , either alone or together with someone . In life, I'm man enough sensible and know how to weigh the situation , I think it's good for the person associated with the economy. Often when I do something I am trying to become a professional in this field. I think that these qualities will help me in learning economy, and so in further .