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    Post Teaching English in Namibia to adults with no skills of English


    I have been looking at the material on your web site and have found a lot of good information, tests etc.

    I will be travelling to Namibia (end of Jan 14) to teach English for 3 months (as a voluntary worker) and the group (adults) has no previous knowledge of English and the target is to get them at least started on the path to learning English sufficiently in order to be able to talk and write elementary English. Would anyone have materials which could be used in the very beginning? If anyone has good advice for teaching English to African countryside folks, I'd be very glad to hear them.

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    Re: Teaching English in Namibia to adults with no skills of English

    Are they literate in their own language/familiar with the Roman alphabet?

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    Re: Teaching English in Namibia to adults with no skills of English


    I know you will be teaching in the countryside, but will you have a portable computer with you? Not out of the question nowadays.

    If so, you might find this of interest. SFG eBook and Webtext Watch the video explanations at the end of book.

    It would of course be possible to print out the texts and assemble the sentences using paper strips. Look at Home page for paper based resources.



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