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    Book Report

    Hi again. This is a book report on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Though perhaps It isn't exactly book report because I read this book years ago. The reason I wrote my piece on it is that it's easier for me to write about a book I know well.
    I'll be grateful for notes on grammatical mistakes, unnatural sentences or anything else you have in mind. (If you have something to correct in this preface it is good as well)
    As I said in my previous post, this is not a class assignment.

    Going to Hogwarts has helped Harry to avoid his uncle and aunt for the major part of the year. But he still has to stay with them on summer vacation. This is a very long time to live with the Dursleys…
    When Harry arrived back from school they took all his textbooks, stationery, his broom and his wand and locked them in the closet under the stairs. But Harry couldn't afford not doing any of his summer homework. He broke the lock and took some necessary stuff: a quill, an inkwell, textbooks and parchment.
    In the night when the story begins Harry is lying in his bed and doing his homework under the blanket. When he looks out of the window he notices a big shape flying toward the house. When it gets closer he can make out three owls. One of them is Hedwig, Harry's owl, the second is Errol, Ron's owl, and the third owl probably belongs to Hogwarts.
    Ron's owl is carrying a birthday present for Harry, a little artifact that is supposed to sound an alarm when people do something bad. In his letter Ron tells Harry that his father has won a big sum of money in a lottery and that they used some of it for a vacation in Egypt. Harry's owl is carrying Hermione's present. It's a broom care kit. The third owl is from Hogwarts. He is carrying the regular list of required equipment. Attached to it is a note saying that third year students are allowed to visit Hogsmeade, a village adjacent to Hogwarts, and that parent permission is required. Harry knows it won't be easy to get his uncle to sign this.
    To the official letter is attached Hagrid's letter and present. Harry tears the wrapping paper and reveals a book with the title: The Monster Book of Monsters. He looks at it for not more than two seconds before the book leaps out violently and starts bouncing around the room. Harry uses his belt to shut the book close. Hagrid somewhat mysterious explanation to this present is that Harry may need it in the upcoming year.
    The next day Harry hears some very upsetting news. His aunt Marge is coming for a visit, and she will stay a week at the Dursleys'. For the Dursleys it's a great pleasure, but Harry has nothing from her but bad memories of bullying and harassment. Vernon requires Harry to act "normally", meaning non-magically, as long as his aunt is in the house. Harry asks in return Vernon's signature on the form allowing Harry to visit Hogsmeade. They make a deal.

    But Harry finds it very hard to be nice with his aunt. When she is not busy in complimenting Dudley's perfection, she derides Harry for his appearance, his behavior, and his parents. One night Harry cannot stand it and his magic bursts out. He cause his aunt to swell. She swells on and on to a monstrous size and the Dursleys are helpless. Harry realizes it's time to leave.
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