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    Question gerund or participle

    Could anyone tell me if in the next sentences gerunds or participles were used?
    1. After landing in Richmond, we had to wait two hours.
    2. Paul expected to pay his expenses by working after school.
    3. After seing Flashdance, everyone at school started wearing tights and leg warmers.
    I think that in all cases gerunds were used, but in the last sentence I think there are two gerunds.
    But, I am not sure, so I would be very grateful, if you could give me your opinion.
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    Re: gerund or participle

    Hello Gaby, welcome to UsingEnglish!

    Yes, I think they can all be construed as gerunds. You can take the INGs as objects of the prepositions "by" and "after" in numbers 1 and 2; similarly, the first ING in #3; and the second one in #3 as the object of "started".

    I have seen long discussions about whether certain kinds of ING are participles or gerunds, though; so other members may disagree!


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