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Thread: in or on ?

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    in or on ?

    Do you say,for example, " post threads in this forum or on this forum;users in this forum or on this forum " ? I think that both "in" and "on" could work in this case,but i`m not sure.

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    Re: in or on ?

    Hello Njanja

    A "forum" is the market-place or place of public assembly in a city or town. You tend to say "in the market-place"; so it's more natural to say "in this forum".

    However, in the sense of "a place where people post messages", a "forum" can be imagined as a collection of message "boards". You tend to post a message "on" a message board. I think that's why some people might say e.g. "on this forum".

    Both senses are of course metaphorical: you don't physically pin things to your monitor; and we don't physically gather inside this space. So to some extent, the choice of "in" or "on" reveals which metaphor you're using.



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