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    are you behind this adventure

    I encountered the expression(in bold) given below, in a chat room.
    Heard a new skyscraper is coming up near the college. Are you behind this adventure?

    I believe it's intended as a pun, but does the word "adventure", really suit the context. Wouldn't something else(like "venture", "creation", or "work") be more appropriate(even as a joke)?

    Is there a more natural way to say it(the first line of my post) than "I encountered the expression" when it(the sentences below) was seen written and not heard being said?
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    Re: are you behind this adventure

    not a teacher

    Without knowing who was chatting, it's not clear whether the question is:

    1) "Do you support this project?", i.e. Do you think it's a good thing?
    2) "Are you responsible for this project?", i.e. Are you involved in the design/construction of this building?

    If it's (1), I think "venture" seems more likely and possibly what was intended.

    In the case of (2), "adventure" seems more appropriate if the writer saw the skyscraper as an exciting undertaking.

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