Please help me I am desperate. I am not good at English grammar. Please correct my mistakes and tell me what's wrong.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am interested to apply for a Bachelor‘s Degree Program in International Relations starting in 2014. I believe I am a strong candidate for this position in XXX University.

When I was young I have always dreamed of being a politician. My dad is a politician, so he always suggested me to go with him to debates and see how other people discusses about issues and tries to figure out how to solve them. From the first event I was impressed and I was determined to know more about world politics. The more I know about policy, the more I can contribute, whether it is by voting or volunteering. I would like to state that my father is the biggest inspiration for me.

During school year, my interest in International Relations increased significantly. Therefore, I am very thankful for my history teacher, she is one of the best qualified and experienced teachers I have ever knew, because of her I started going on extra-curricular activities about politics. Now I am one of the leaders in the history class and once a month I expand my knowledge in discussion club about government and political systems. The desire to learn much more about world politics is tremendous. In addition, I am fascinated by politician William Hague, he has done a lot of amazing things in his career.

I am extroverted, so I am keen on communicating with people, because of that I went to a various activities. Couple years ago I took up sports, I was focused on athletics, especially running, it helped me to free my soul. I have taken ceramics lessons. This led me to express my emotions and artistical side of me. Now I am singing in the school choir „Vaivora“ about 9 years. I have also participated in miscellaneous competitions. For instance, I won a prize for the best performance on Foreign Language week in my school. In 2012, I was volunteering in the „Ievos Simonaitytės“ library, I was helping people and it was really important for me. After that, I went to LCC International University lectures „Community Multicultural Awareness Program“. We interacted about tolerance, multiculturalism, world problems. Besides that, in the summer I have have worked as a shop worker in „Maxima“ . It was very challenging, but I appreciate that experience. One wise men said „Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced.”

Studying in your University would be an honour . It is a excellent opportunity for me experientially, academically. This is a chance for me to get acquainted with people from another cultures. Your University will allow me to broaden my knowledge and gain analytical thinking skill. I believe you will help me to become a rounded individual with the ability to succeed.

Thank you very much for considering my request. I am looking forward to hearing from you

Yours faithfully,