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    Who teaches ESL teachers?

    Hi All,

    I was wondering who teaches ESL teachers. Actually, who teaches people who are trying to become certified ESL teachers. What are their qualifications?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Who teaches ESL teachers?

    I believe the unemployed teach ESL teachers. But I may be mistaken ;)

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    Re: Who teaches ESL teachers?

    Some establishments offering courses other than the CELTA or Trinity CerTESOL may employ trainers with a variety of qualifications - or with none.

    Cambridge requirements are:

    Potential CELTA trainers are required to have the Cambridge Delta or an equivalent ELT qualification. Prospective trainers with solely a strong academic background may not be suitable as CELTA trainers because of the required focus on practical classroom issues. An MA in ELT with a strong practical focus may be acceptable if the following four conditions are also met. The prospective trainer:

    • has substantial (normally five years), recent and varied ELT experience
    • is familiar with the types of classes trainee teachers will teach
    • is familiar with the materials trainee teachers will use
    • can demonstrate professional involvement in ELT.


    Trinity College requirements are:

    Course tutors must have one of the following as a minimum qualification: ◗◗Trinity’s DipTESOL (Diploma in TESOL) or equivalent (Unknown Language tutor does not require
    this qualification)
    ◗◗Trinity’s CertTESOL or equivalent
    ◗◗a qualification in English language teaching of at least equivalent content and depth to the above,
    i.e. placed at Level 5 within the UK Qualifications and Credit Framework or a recognised equivalent
    in or outside the UK
    ◗◗course tutors must have recent English language teaching and documented training experience.
    Course tutors who have the minimum qualification of a Trinity CertTESOL or equivalent must be
    working towards a higer level qualification.

    Trinity College London | Home

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    Re: Who teaches ESL teachers?

    You should always check with other courses as standards can vary considerably.

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