Dear Sir / Madam,
Iím writing to request you to change my accommodation next term due to my dissatisfaction with my current roommate.
As you aware Iím currently sharing room with Paul. He is a nice guy but he has different habits and hobbies which makes my life tough at the residence. He always have parties going on which last very longer and ruin my nights, I canít sleep. As well as he listen very loud and noisy music that distract me from studying. As Iíve very important exam in next term I must need to study hard to get flying colors in that exam. One more important issue I need to mention here is that he always took my personal belongings without my permission or even without telling me which makes me very angry sometimes but I canít do anything about it because he never listen to me at all.

In the current situation I canít focus on my studies hence I request you to kindly do me a favor and change my accommodation next term. Iíd like to have a shared room with a quit person and study freak so that living with him or her could be easy and enjoyable.

Iíll wait for your favorable and positive reply.
Yours faithfully,