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    as it gives a single point


    Could anyone please help me with this sentence? Does it make any sense? Could anyone please tell me what it means?

    Design and build can appeal to clients as it gives a single point of responsibility for delivering the entire project.

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    Re: as it gives a single point

    not a teacher

    When a client is having something built for them, like a house, it's common practice to contract an architect to design the house and, separately, engage a builder to construct it. Your example is saying that making a contract with a person or group who will both design and build the house, concentrates the responsibility for the project in that single person or group. This can make it easier for the client to manage the project.

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    Re: as it gives a single point

    And when things go wrong, there is only one person responsible and that person must fix it. It's not uncommon for the builder to find many things that the designer put into the plan that don't work and will require more money to fix.
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