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    What does "store of wealth" mean?

    Hi everybody.
    I'm wondering what does "store of wealth" mean? I checked some dictionaries but didn't find a good match for this phrase.
    I want to know the meaning of it in the following two sentences.

    1-money is not a store of wealth.
    2-The Native Americans believed a person's status came from kinship and personal alliances than from stores of wealth.

    my guess for the definition of "store of wealth" is something that indicate economic prosperity or the element/elements show how being wealthy means in your belief.

    Thank you for your attention.

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    Re: What does "store of wealth" mean?

    To the Native Americans, having lots of valuable things did not make you important- having lots of valuable contacts, relatives and relationships did.

    I think the first refers to the fact that money is a medium of exchange, but I am not an economist.

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