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Thread: out of ashes...

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    Question out of ashes...

    1) Out of ashes” the higher element of humanity always resonates. The higher level of decency always win.

    From the above context, does it mean the power of humanity will appear after dead?

    2) When you’re already lived the worst day of your life, everything else is relative.

    Does it mean, if we have the worst day in life, everything seems simple? What does relative here mean? Like the Einstein's theory of relativity?

    3) An opportunity to embrace the human aspect of business.

    Does it mean "an opportunity to helping people in the business"?

    4) What is "the master of his experience"?

    5) I had a dream and the idea was to satisfy that dream. It has been a long journey, but the dream is still there. You never really attain it, it just grows and grows, and unless you have a passion for the process, you're never really going to get anywhere. You just constantly keep trying to meet and possibly, surpass what you expect to accomplish.

    "Surpass" here mean you go further than what you expect? If so, it's quite contrast with the former sentences, doesn't it? It sounds to me that if you have no passion, you will not achieve what you're dreaming for. You just keep trying to be "succesful" but it just "passes you by" or you let your dream past by. Pls correct if I'm wrong.

    Thank you.

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    Re: out of ashes...

    The mythical bird the phoenix burns itself and then is reborn from the ashes. So, decency will always be reborn from the ashes when things go wrong.
    If you have been through something truly trerrible, then ther problems can be seen in a better perspective.
    It's an opportunity to ensure that human values are used in business, not mere profit making.
    It sounds as if he's in control of events around him.
    It's a bit confused, but the idea is that if you have a dream you may go beyond what you had realistically expected to achieve.


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