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    )Mathematics will attract those it can attract

    This is really hard to understand. Does it mean "mathemathics" is a brother of science or are the two different? I think the theme is to communicate scientific ideas, you should be sometimes illogical.
    35)Mathematics will attract those it can attract, but it will do nothing to overcome resistance to science. Science is universal in principle but in practice it speaks to very few. Mathematics may be considered a communication skill of the highest type, frictionless so to speak; and at the opposite pole from mathematics, the fruits of science show the practical benefits of science without the use of words. But those fruits are ambivalent. Science as science does not speak; ideally, all scientific concepts are mathematized when scientists communicate with one another, and when science displays its products to non-scientists it need not, and indeed is not able to, resort to salesmanship. When science speaks to others, it is no longer science, and the scientist becomes or has to hire a publicist who dilutes the exactness of mathematics. In doing so, the scientist reverses his drive toward mathematical exactness in favor of rhetorical vagueness and metaphor, thus violating the code of intellectual conduct that defines him as a scientist

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    Re: )Mathematics will attract those it can attract

    not a teacher

    Mathematics is at the very core of science but as a discipline it appeals to, and is only readily understood by, a certain type of mind. When scientists are discussing concepts with other scientists, then mathematics is often central to that communication; when they need to explain concepts to non-scientists, mathematics is less effective. In such situations non-mathematical, but inevitably less exact, methods of explanation are required. This tends to compromise the standards of precision that scientists regard as essential.

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