This is a proposal for a computer game company to help them attract young women to the games.
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Purpose of the proposal

The purpose of this proposal is to outline the varied aspects of computer games market in relation to women and includes recommendations to target this gender.

The necessity of a shift in the current type of games

Considering the present type of games and with reference to the existing scientific statistics, the evident gap reflects an imbalance at the target gender applied by game producers. The masculine attribute of these games such as: violence, fight and speed serve as turn offs to the feminine nature of women. Accordingly, a psychological approach is required to be adopted in the procedure of game design.

General attitude of young women to computer games

In a sense, we scarcely notice one girl receive a game console as her Christmas present or even sitting alone playing a computer game. On the other hand, the scene in which she plays along with her brother or boyfriend looks comparatively a more familiar image. As if women tend to share a common sense with their partner rather than merely enjoying the game. In other words, they delight in company not in the game.

Practical changes in new games generation

Psychologically speaking, women incline towards cosiness, warmth, clutter and colors. So this must be of great benefit to take them into consideration as the pivotal principles in creating the game’s aura. We need to convert the stereo type idea of damsel in distress into heroine by empowering female characters as this revolution has already started in the film industry.

Marketing and advertising targeted at young women

Above all, the business would not prosper without an elaborate advertising method which is designed specifically to captivate women in various respects through a process of osmosis. This course of action covers a wide area from merchandising objects to the physical design of the game consoles with more pastel colors and a curvy outline.


The above suggestion has been made after a thorough investigation into the contemporary setting of the market .I trust these recommendations will evolve the share of women in computer games market exponentially if receives your serious consideration.