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    8 - the environment

    Can you correct the mistakes in the text below, please?


    The environment is all around us. It consists of the flora, fauna, the water, the air, and the erath. However, humans do not always care for the environment as they should. People tend to prefer their own convenience and luxury over a healthy natural environment. People still want to make their lives more and more comfortable – they demand more cars, bigger houses, packaged food, the latest computer technology etc.

    We can divide pollution (generally) into three cathegories: air, soil and water pollution.
    Air pollution is a very big problem in major cities and where industrial production is concentrated. However, air is essential for life – not only for humans, but also for animals and plants. That is at least the smallest reason we should protect nature – it is unfair if also animals, who don’t pollute anything at all, must suffer for our stupidity.
    Air pollution is caused by all the smoke, dust, exhausts emitted by factories, cars, lorries etc.
    What (except air pollution) do these emissions cause? They cause acid rain. Acid rain is a big problems for everyone too; we should really protect nature as much as we can! Acid rain akes trees grow more slowly, but they also grow old too quickly (and it kills them very quickly). Trees are vitally important for our lives and that is why we sometimes call them “lungs of the Earth“. If there weren’t any plants on the Earth, there wouldn’t be any oxygen and we wouldn’t be able to breath!
    Rainforests, the most important producers of oxygen on the Earth, are threatend too. Not only by all those factories and air pollution, but also by illegal logging.

    Factories and power plants pollute ground and water as well. The ground and water are also polluted by chemicals, fertilizers, substandard sewage plants, ships and many other harmful impacts.

    One of the much discussed topic in today’s world is also the problem of climate changes. These changes can be caused by “greenhouse effect“. However, there would be no life on the Earth without greenhouse effect, as this traps sun’s rays and that is how our atmosphere is warmed. But some manmade gases and emissions don’t allow the heat to escape our atmosphere which might reflect rise in the Earth’s temperature. If the air is really very polluted, it will probably cause melting of arctic ice and this melted ice would flood coastline and perhaps the inland too.

    There are many enviromental organisations that try to fight against pollution, do they best to protect threatened species etc. Among the most well known are the Greenpeace, The Green Party, Eyfaa, GEN and many others.
    National Parks and natural reserves are established to protect some nice natural places too. Some people think

    To sum up, I’d like to say we really should protect our environment! It can sometimes seem to be very difficult and it is the truth that our environmental problems will probably last “to the end of human being“, but we can reduce them at least a little. We all should think about it. Of course, we can’t just change it immediately, but gradually (factories in the Eastren Europe can’t be out of order, as it would cause many economical problems; but these countries can gradually change their harmful factories and power plants into some ones, that don’t pollute the environment.)
    We shouldn’t use cars, but public transport. It isn’t easy to respect it; to tell the truth, I prefer travelling on my own to using public transportation. Anyway, both if we use auto transport or public transport, we should use unleaded petrol.
    Other good idea how to contribute to environment protecting is to sort domestic rubbish out and energy saving. It is ot necessary to have our TV on if we don’t watch it! You shouldn’t waste water and electricity.
    People shouldn’t dump their litter in the streets, countryside and just anywhere. It doesn’t look nice and if you dump some plastic in the forest, it will stay there for a long time as it doesn‘t decay as well as paper or natural products.

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    Re: 8 - the environment

    erath- earth
    cathegories- categories
    a big problems- singular
    the smallest reason- the first reason why
    if also animals- as well
    to breath- breathe (and don't use exclamation marks)
    threatend- threatened
    pollute ground- the
    much discussed topic- most... topics
    climate changes- change
    “greenhouse effect“- the
    sun’s- the
    arctic- the Arctic
    flood coastline- plural
    do they best- they do their best
    of human being- of the human race
    can’t be out of order- be closed
    some ones, that- ones that
    Other good- Another good ideas
    environment protecting- protecting the environment
    we don’t watch- aren't watching
    You shouldn’t- we should not

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