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    leave ... on the table

    What does "left ... on the table" mean in the following context?

    The Lite game would offer stripped-down elements of the full game, or be heavily filled with ads. The Premium offering would be more full featured, but given downward pressure on the amount that consumers were prepared to pay for apps, was typically priced at 99 cents. If Nimblebit had followed the traditional strategy, they would have left 91 percent of the revenue that they made from Pocket Frogs on the table.

    Thank you.

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    Re: leave ... on the table

    Unclaimed. It sounds like they sold their game for about $10 instead of only $0.99 and were successful.

    Let's say they sold 1000 units. If you sell it at $10, that's $10,000.
    If you sold it for $1, that's only $1,000. You'd get only 10% of what you could have gotten. You've left 90% of your possible income on the table.

    The error in the assumption is that they would have sold exactly the same number. Maybe they would have sold 20 times as many.
    1000 at $10 is $10,000.
    20,000 at $1 is $20,000. If that happened, they would have left 50% of the possible revenue on the table.
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