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    doubt on till and untill

    Dear Sir ,
    Could u tell me the difference between till and untill and unless.
    When these word unless, till and untill can i use while talking ?.


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    Smile Re: doubt on till and untill


    TILL and UNTIL here are used as conjunction, "meaning upto a time", for example:-
    "sleep TILL/UNTIL it gets light".

    UNLESS too is used as conjunction, meaning "if not" or "except when", for example "shall not have effect UNLESS they have been approved".

    I hope it helped :)

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    Re: doubt on till and untill

    Examples can make you clearly.

    Till is adjective ,ex:till now ,till then.
    Till is conjunction,ex:wait till/until i came
    Until is adjective,ex:the holidays last until September;wait until tomorrow.
    Until is conjunction,ex:the baby didnot stop crying until/till he was fed

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    Re: doubt on till and untill

    Raymon, your examples of adjectives are not correct- wait until tomorrow, is not an adjective. If you check in a dictionary, most give it as both a conjunction or a preposition.
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