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    A little boy asked me to read 101. I said it is either one o (letter) one, one hundred and one, or one hundred one. I am curious to know why zero can be pronounced as a letter although it is a number. Thanks.

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    Re: 101

    It's not pronounced as a letter. It happens to sound the same as the word for the letter "o". It also looks like the capital letter "O". Is it really that surprising that "o", "O" and "0" can be pronounced the same way?

    When we say "one oh one", we do not think of the middle part as the letter "o". It is the number before the number 1, which happens to be pronounced "oh".

    That number is known as "zero", "nought" and "oh".
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    Re: 101

    In the computer age, it became important to distinguish between 0 and O. To a human, context tells us which is which. But if you write a password, for example, you need to be able to tell the computer if it is an "oh" or a "zero."

    Old typewriters did not have a numeral "1." A lowercase "l" (ell) was used for both the numeral and the letter.

    As for pronunciation, it is simply easier to say "oh" than "zero," so people say it. "One oh one" flows off the tongue in a way "one zero one" doesn't.

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