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    They arenít expecting too

    Which do you think this "they" refers to? "things you do like assignments, schedules, etc" or "parents and friends"?
    24)Ironically, itís usually when we try to do everything right that we wind up doing something wrong. Thatís because the more balls you try to juggle, the more likely you are to drop one. You hope many extracurricular activities will get you into your first choice college, so you spend hours working out with the football club, run for student government, and volunteer for hours on free afternoons. Meanwhile, you make time to try to keep your grades up. With that kind of pressure, you can misread an assignment, double book your schedule, or otherwise let people down―but itís not your parentsí fault or your friendsí. They arenít expecting too much of you by asking for one spot in your hectic schedule. Itís up to you to recognize your limits, not sign up for too many extracurricular activities, and admit when youíve dropped the ball.

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    Re: They arenít expecting too

    Parents and friends, but mostly parents.

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