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    Help with Citation

    I would like to cite from this book but I am not sure the correct format for this one, I think some information is missing. Like the country/university.

    Pearson - Ekwall/Shanker Reading Inventory, 6/E - James L. Shanker & Ward Cockrum

    I have been able to get this citation:

    Shanker, James L. and Cockrum, Ward (2013) Ekwall/ Shanker Reading Inventory. Pearson.

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    Re: Help with Citation

    It should tell you on the inside page where it was published. Pearson is a huge British company based in London, but its books are published in many countries. If the book really doesn't give anything, then I would use London.

    Which system are you using? Is the university really necessary?

    Also, shouldn't it have the edition number?

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