Kindly rectify/give the feedback on the errors that have occurred in the following draft(Statement of Purpose)as stated below:

---> I intend to apply for the Fellowship Program in Organisational Behaviour, and Human Resource Management at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

Motivation and Purpose:

My very initial impulse for research has unfolded from the dissertation project thatI was assigned during my course work in Master`s degree (Human Resource Development and Management). But as I have always believed that academic knowledge flourishes only when it is applied and hence after completing my degree, rather directly enrolling for PhD program, I opted for corporate and started my career in one of the most reputed labour intensive mining industries. It helped me bridge the gap between theoretical aspects and their actual applications. Due to extreme nature of my job, I got an opportunity to come across a varied group of people with different perspectives, working styles and thought processes and such encompassing experience subsequently revealed my urge for further study and research orientation.

Those interactions particularly draw my attention towards the domain of “Career regret(s)” and its correlation with “satisfaction”. i.e.; those who are engaged in regretful thinking may be less satisfied in their career path/life and unable to perform up to the mark. However, in Human Resource Management studies, more emphasis have been given on career success management but very little concern is shown on “career regret(s)” which is in fact a real bull`s- eye in practical sense. I believe, focusing and studying career regret(s) is increasingly important because professionals in today`s turbulent career landscape are facing more career choices and thus have more opportunities to experience regrets, than previous generation of professionals.

Another area of interest includes, “Career Progression and Work-Life balance by Female executives in Indian context”. Personally, I have a close association with this topic. As we Indian women have to face unique socio-biological reality. Our foundation career building years are generally coincided with biological fertility and hence causing a dilemma in choice between career and family. I would like to emphasis on the dynamics of coexistence between career advancement and family life. The work will include finding out the “stressors” that cause conflicting outcomes and the “facilitators” that lead to supportive outcomes in maintaining the equilibrium. Hence, establishing a strategic framework for keeping stability between career advancement and family life of female executives. Furthermore, role of organizational culture can be investigated for minimizing the impact of stressors and optimizing the effect of facilitators for the equation. Also, further work may be done to signify the relationship between various personality types and life-balance experiences.

Additionally, I am also keenly interested in a very recent field of studies which include the application of biological paradigm to organizational behaviour and management disciplines. The work will give a unique contribution towards the conceptualization of better understanding of evolution of human dimensions in OB. And with my core biological background, I can very well correlate these logics to the field of OB and HR Management. The concepts of evolutionary biology like the application of general variation-selection-retention paradigm can be considered to analyse the changes in organizational form with due course of time. Similarly, the concept of kinship behaviour can be correlated with organizational citizenship behavioural studies or application of sex differences in work preferences can be studied. These types of studies will provide a new dimension to OB and help to discover a relationship between our evolved biology and organizational system we construct and inhabit thereby exploring and explaining interesting behaviours in and around the organization.

Academic background:

I have earned a Master`s degree in Human Resource Development and Management from Department of *****(name of institute) Studying at such competitive institute, I have able to develop a strong theoretical base and, an initial orientation for research and teaching. Prior to this degree, I have obtained my Master`s degree (M.Sc) in Environmental Science from *****(Name of ) College, ***** University. Nonetheless, this paradigm shift has proved to be boon for me. It has a positive effect on my thinking and makes me able to expand the boundaries of original approaches and extrapolate those biological/ environmental perspectives in organizational contexts. (As mentioned earlier).

Basically, I am a sincere and hard working student. Right from the beginning I have maintained a consistency in academic records with first class grades throughout. Moreover, I qualify ****(Name of) exam in year 2008 with 97.8 percentile followed by ***(Name of Exam) in year 2013 (being in the job) with 65.71 percent. As far as my biggest lacuna is considered, I admit, I am an average student in mathematics and so as in statistics. I need to focus more on the statistical part of research methodology (perhaps, I am doing so) and I am very sure that this fellowship program will certainly provide me guidance which will make me able to have a greater degree of command over the subject.

Research activities:

I have published a research paper titled “******in **** Journal of Business and Management Volume **, Issue ** (Nov. - Dec. 2013), PP 05-15.

Main highlights of the paper are as follows:

· The uniqueness of the research work lies with the fact that it gives a directional or causal approach between employee satisfaction and employee commitment.
· Gives a comprehensive understanding of “Employee Commitment Index”.
· Tries to be a connecting link between previous literature studies and works linked with employee satisfaction and employee commitment which were treated as separate entities.
· Discusses some of the possible strategies that could be used by the organization to balance different levels of commitment thereby enhancing the overall level of commitment among its employees.
· Overall findings of this research may add to the retention literature by highlighting how the employee satisfaction of individuals employed in a pharmaceutical contact research organization relates to their level of overall commitment.

Work experience:

I have more than three years of working experience with one of the largest labour intensive organization. I have worked as Assistant Manager (Personnel/Human Resources) and posted in a very remote mine of ****(Name of Organization). I was the fortunate one who could able to interact with professionals not only across the organizational hierarchy but also professionals outside the industry. Those interactions expand my thought-processes ability and give an in-depth analytical approach towards the divergent and convergent outlook of people in same or different topics associated with organizational aspects or their professional and personal life. It helps me to identify and concentrate on the areas of interest that can be taken up for my future research topics.

Opting for *****(Name of Institute/University) and future career:

Beside of having the best availability of teaching and learning resources for research work, the main advantage lies with **** is its close proximation with varied industrial domains which makes an easy accessibility for data collection. And no doubt, faculties at ***** are one of the bests; one will look forward to work with.

I am never professionally involved in teaching but I have an inclination for it. During my graduation days I used to take tuition classes and also being in job whenever I got some leisure time, I used to teach the children in my neighborhood. Presently, I have given a serious thought about taking it as career. I believe teaching is a one of the great altruistic professions. A good teacher has to be a wonderful human being with lots of patience and love. I get the insight from my own teachers who inspired and influenced my life and give a significant meaning to it. I want to follow the same pathway and **** will be a crucial stepping stone in shaping me as a holistic educator in the field of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management.