Hello! I am preparing for a TOEFL test. I took some widespread topics for practice and would be very thankgul for comments to my trial essay.

1. People attend school for many different reasons (for example, expanded knowledge, societal awareness, and enhanced interpersonal relationships). Why do you think people decide to go to school? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
I would like to write about attending school for MBA degree. It is well known that MBA helps you to build your career as a successful manager. For me MBA means comprehensive education, development of your professional contacts and an opportunity to change your life.
MBA courses have structure that involves main areas of manager’s work: finance, project management, people management and leadership. MBA gives excellent programs that challenge students in all mentioned areas, for example I have an economical background thus financial calculation and comprehension of business processes are my strong sides and MBA will help me to improve others. This is the next step in your education after university and brings your knowledge at the advanced level of professionalism.
MBA brings together people with not only different backgrounds but from different countries all over the world. All those people are professionals in their spheres. They took tough decision to give up their lives for a year or two to improve their skills at MBA courses and with such approach I am sure they would achieve any success they need due to they invest in themselves and work hard. MBA alumni are a society that supports their members and helps them to develop their professional contacts through the society.
MBA is a decision that changes your life. Right now I am a good supply chain manager at pharmaceutical company. I have a chance to know better one batch of the business but I feel that I want to actively participate in all part of business such as strategic planning, sales and marketing. I would like to manager a team, whom I can inspire and lead, help them to achieve their professional goals. Thus even if I will work in another business I will begin on the one level above my current position and MBA will change my life.
For me getting MBA is an important step in my career. It will gives me more advanced knowledge and skills, teach me to work in international collective and present me new friends who are professionals from another countries. After this upgrading I am going to reach the career of my dream, where I can bring my part in improvement in business sphere of my native country and society.

2. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Coaches are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
As every person I have a wide experience of studying in my life since kinder garden where I was acknowledging how to count and write and until my university where I was receiving lessons from professors and making my individual training. I also had some coaches who helped me to apply to university or to achieve some other personal goals. For me coaches are the best teachers because they help you to save your time, they better know your individual needs, have higher responsibility in front of their students.
Firstly coaches are the best teachers because they help you to save your time. I had a coach while preparing to entrance math exam at university. There is a lot of information for any chosen theme and while training individually I could lost yourself in this flow. My coach helped me through considered, concentrated program. Each her advice was equal to hours of reading theory. The knowledge my coach had was received him after many years of preparing students. Therefore in few months I received the experience of many years, original approaches, subtleties that helped me to be ready to pass the math exam successfully.
Secondly a coach is better than an ordinary teacher due to he teaches you individually. He has more time to know your strong and weak sides and to assistance you with them. At my preparation we paid more attention to geometry due to it was more challenging for me. We skipped parts where I didn’t need additional support. Unfortunately a teacher who teaches at educational institute doesn’t have such opportunity. It is well-known that the target of teachers at schools is to have well-balanced groups, I meant with equal level of knowledge. So they often can not give what is important just for you not for the entire group and work more to pull up weak students. Coach is the best teacher who meets your personal necessities.
My third argument is that the responsibility in front of students of a coach is higher due to he receives higher payment. The task of a teacher at school is just to explain. He will receive his salary whether all his students understand his lecture or not. The coach receives his payment only if his student perfectly understands the material. That is the reason I am ready to pay a coacher more. I have higher expectation and in turn a coacher takes for himself higher responsibility.
Up to my mind the fact coaches are the best teachers springs from the specific of their job. People appeal to their help to save time through well – organized trainings and the coach’s experience of many years, through individual lessons. A coacher receive his payment for results that makes him work harder than anyone else. Sure, coachers are the most advanced specialists, but with all the benefits of having one, only a person himself is in charge of his educational success.