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    I can't understand a sentence in Seth material

    No person becomes ill unless that illness serves a psychic or psychological reason, so many people escape such complications. In the meantime,however, scientists and medical men find more and more viruses against which the population "must" be inoculated. Each one is considered singly. There is a rush to develop a new inoculation against the newest virus.Much of this is on a predictive basis: The scientists "predict" how many people might be"attacked" by, say, a virus that has caused agiven number of deaths. Then as apreventative measure the populace is invited to the new inoculation.

    Many people who would not get the disease in any case are then religiously inoculated with it. The body is exerted to use its immune system to the utmost, and sometimes, according to the inoculation, over extended under such conditions.Those individuals who have psychologically decided upon death will die in any case, of that disease or another, or of the
    side effects of the inoculation.

    I don't know how to understand the phrase "according to the inoculation" in this context. Does it mean—— according to the different kind of vaccinum, or according to the nature/the of the inoculation?
    wait for your explanation,thank you so much!I need the answer tonght!

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