The demand for energy has increased in recent years that the supply of energy is far less than the actual demand. Using of fossil fuels raises serious environmental concerns and also hiking in power prices. Research and development in the field of Renewable energy has increased in recent years. as my impel to accept challenges and to bring to an end with a desire to benefit the humankind, I decided to face a situation the challenges in energy which plays the crucial role in our lives’ now looking forward to gain a more thorough understanding of the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful. Pursuing engineering allowed me to in the best possible way. I have made a sincere effort to achieve a solid foundation in Electrical and Electronic Engineering balancing both theoretical and practical knowledge. My years in MITS as undergraduate most definitely contribute to my shaping me with a compounded attitude for hard work perfection. It was in my semesters introduced me to the aspects Energy production, conservation and conversion. Those were my first lectures I learned about energy.
This interest further propelled me to choose the projects and seminar of similar interests. My seminar was on “Fuel cell” the concept was on hydrogen used as fuel to generate electricity through chemical reaction with oxygen. My research project was on was on “power factor improvement by automatically engaging appropriate number of shunt capacitor for inductive loads” and the concept of the design is to reducing power consumption and increase the efficiency of a firm. Project was a unique experience; they were essential parts of my education. During, I also acquired practical experience as an intern in summer breaks at substation Global Construction ltd. There I learned about Electric-power transmission practical exposing me to real world engineering a main interface for bringing out the concepts into application.

After finishing my graduation, I decided to acquire the experience in the field of energy. I joined Doosan heavy industries co. ltd. as the Commissioning engineer of the xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.I was introduced to Desalination Plants and energy systems including gas and steam turbines. I now wish to understand more about these processes, and their impact on the environment. I also truly enjoyed working as on those advance system. Later I joined Automation and PLC where I accumulated knowledge about Practical Training in Advanced Industrial Automation. I found the project particularly fascinating.
I want more and I always try to push myself into new challenges. I think program Renewable Energy is the right for me to accomplish my professional and personal goals, developing and enriching my skills, since it will give me the whole package that I need to achieve excellence career. I still want to improve my professional capabilities and this master program would provide me broaden and deepen academic knowledge supplementing those that I acquired in my under graduation.
I look at every problem as golden opportunity and love to accept the innovative challenges .This program gives me an opportunity to carry out research in Renewable Energy , which will broaden my knowledge and skills in Renewable Energy . All my expertise through this program helps to drive my knowledge and skills in innovation for economic growth and quality of life. As pursuing graduate studies at Heriot Watt University in Renewable Energy to my knowledge so that I can innovate and contribute to solving the challenges faced due to an increasing energy crisis in future.