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    Check my accent, please

    Check my accent - YouTube
    Dear teachers, please, listen to this recording and tell me what should I improve to reduce my Ukrainian accent. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Check my accent, please

    You look like you were reading a text, which can make the speech unnatural- it does seem a little theatrical and, if anything, over-articulated. However, your pronunciation is generally fine and not marked by a strong L1 accent. I am unfamiliar with Ukranian speakers' pronunciation, so I don't know how typical your pronunciation is, but generally it's fine. I'd calm things down, go a bit easier on the stress and emphasis, and look at some of the vowel sounds - work - but I certainly wouldn't worry too much if I were you.

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    Re: Check my accent, please

    I agree that your English pronunciation is good and I haven't noticed an Ukrainian accent. I recommend working on reduction ("to" and "for" are usually reduced and pronounced very quickly) and linking (e.g., "to", "or" and "for" should be linked to the next word). Pay attention to stop T at the end of the words (e.g., great). I would also work on intonation and separation of main words from ancillary words.

    Good luck!

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