I have joined this forum for some guidance in selecting materials. I pastor a church (I realize that this is not a religious board and have no desire to enter religious debate or conversation unless you would like to do so privately) that has multiple languages. I have determined that a good way to serve our congregation and our community would be to offer ESL classes. As of right now, I have completed about 75% of the certification course to teach.

My question is, while the classes are excellent for teaching methods of instruction and other areas I will need to consider as an ESL teacher, it does not provide materials for a class or even solid suggestions. I hoped this group might be able to recommend some of the sites or materials they use in a similar situation. I hope to eventually offer three to five levels of instruction. I have done some research online but without firsthand experience it is difficult to determine what materials would be best.

I have considered developing my own materials but have no desire to "re-invent the wheel" if there is something already available.

Thank you!