Hello everyone!!

I'm translating a document to my father.

But I came across with some doubts about the ways I should write the proposal (an executive proposal)

It talks about informatics services and sometimes I want to refer actives belong to the enterprise my father is trying to sell and sometimes I want to refer to my father's enterprise actives.

Here are some examples, I would like to know which way it's the right way of writing this type of proposals. Also I don't know if it's ok use phrasal verbs in a document like this.

Thank you in advance.

"Como parte de los servicios de co-ubicanción, IQIA propone mover su equipos respaldo actual Symantec 3600 R2 y su equipo de respaldo en cinta al sitio alterno, para generar los respaldos de los servidores desde el sitio alterno y de ahí generar los respaldos a medias físicos (cintas, que proporcionara Tokio), para su control en bóveda dentro del mismo Datacenter, de 1 cinta por semana durante la vigencia del contrato."

And I translate this way:

"As part of co- location services, IQIA proposes to move its current backup equipment Symantec 3600 R2 and its equipment of tape to the alternate site backup, in order to generate backups of servers from the alternate site and hence generate half physical backups (tapes, which would provide Tokio), for control within the same vault Datacenter, 1 tape per week during the term of the contract."


I would appreciate so much if someone could provide his e-mail if I have more doubts!!

Thanks again.