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    "let sb / yourself in for sth"??

    Dear teachers...
    today my question is about a PHR V with LET.. let sb / yourself in for sth
    I found this definition in the Oxford Dictionary for English Learners...
    to involve sb/yourself in sth that is likely to be unpleasant or difficult: I volunteered to help, and then I thought ‘Oh no, what have I let myself in for!’
    I have to give another example, so I have written this and don´t know if it is right:
    His parents say this is an ordinary opportunity, so he will end up letting him in for what he doesn’t desire the most.
    Well... Thank you!!! bye bye
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    Re: "let sb / yourself in for sth"??

    him in for what he doesn’t desire the most.
    himself in for something he doesn't really want to do???

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