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    Smile Salary negotiation when having multiple offers


    I Need an email to send it for HR seeking for more salary than the offered.

    I had attended interview say in A company and they offered me some good figure after some initial negotiation after this I have attended interview in say B company where they have offered more than A company but I more interested to work in A company how do I convey in A that I want more salary than the B company is offering me.

    It would be great if you provide me some email samples and tips about how to communicate this to HR over the phone.


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    Re: Salary negotiation when having multiple offers

    Mary, as you know, I really want to work at A. I really liked all that I heard about the job. But since we started talking, I have received an offer from B for $X. Can you match that?

    You may be asking too much if you were already happy with A and now you are asking them to give you even more than B. Asking them to match what B is offering will still get you an increase. You run the risk of their saying "Well, if the money is all you care about, good luck at B."
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