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Statement of Purpose

My interest with computer science started at the age of 12-13 (in class 8 or 9) when I first used the microcomputer PC. My parents encouraged the interest by buying me a desktop. I completed undergraduate education by selecting computer science as my field of studies. I have been planning career in software engineering and database management for several years so I have been teaching computer science subjects at various places I encountered in the way as opportunities and have been learning computer subjects online through different well-known web schools during BS Computer Science degree.

I have had both lecture/lab and project developing courses in computer sciences. I am very interested in whole the area of computer science. I would like to explore computer science field further at graduate level. I plan to focus on all the software engineering, databases and programming areas in graduate school while at the same time continuing to build up my overall knowledge of computer sciences. As far as long term plans, I hope to get grip over these areas which I can utilize in practical and research field and try my hand at market programming.

Clearly, Italy is home to many renowned universities that are leader in Natural Sciences and a transition into graduate program available at any of them would be nearly seamless for me. To accomplish the dream I have, getting a professional degree in computer science, working with skilled faculty at any of Italy’s university would fetch me the best of experience. On the other hand, my two major criteria for finding a way to her universities are my own interests in studying in abroad where I would be able to have exposure to new worlds of computer studies and the facilities that the institutions offer there. Stay and study in Italy mean having enriched with latest knowledge which will give me an edge over others in real life.

Throughout my academic career, I have tried to avail of myself with every source from where I could learn and acquire something. During my undergraduate study, I acquired various programming languages, intensive theories and technologies like C++, Java, VB,.Net,SQL, Design Patterns and Computer Networks. As a project leader of my group at my final year project, I have gained a lot of project experience. The projects I conducted include a database management software developed in VB and SQL,. Now I want to widen my scope of developing by exploring new techniques and programming languages. I have experience of working under great workload. I can endure work load pressure and can work under evenmental stress. Presently, I have both adequate theoretical understanding and rich programming experience. I have been teaching at a undergraduate level technical institute under government initiated program for youth development where I teach computer applications in general and in electrical. I have been IT tutor at a private IT coaching institute at age of 17 and 18. During my BS degree I have been a part of multinational beverage company’s administration department as Key Punch Operator and got three promotions, lastly resigned as STM (software training manager).

My academic success in university and my involvement with computer science-related extracurricular activities have encouraged me to persist in my goal of earning M.Phil. leading to doctorate Degree. I remained among top three of the class throughout my BS degree and topped in last year, I managed to pass GAT and earned scholarship at a well-known institute of Pakistan;IBA and University of Sindh, Pakistan, notwithstanding with getting scholarship there, I want to have international exposure of this field. All of these factors have leaded me to believe that a career in modern technical studies in computer sciences will best match for my passion of excelling in computer science field.