Greetings all learned and wise,

I am a student based in India, pursuing PG, aiming for Phd, I had a very weak schooling.
As a result of which I am very weak in certain basic areas, however my reading habbit led me to my carreer in academics but still I do get comments on my obsfucated language, spellings, and wrong sentence constructs.

I learned from books, movies, subtitles and now I have very fluent english, but I lack language skills.
Now I want to improve my language skills, please tell me how to do that, should I learn english from beggining ( pick up wren and martin) or is there any other way. An efficient one ?

And one more thing, with language skills I mean that I want it to improve to a very high level, I was watching The West Wing (TV Series), and from there I learned that how different sentences could impact a certain issue yet saying the same thing; I realized that how ignorant am I in language area, I have no idea if a native english speaker would hear me, what would he think. They may not even understand me. Your help is appreciated.

Thank you.