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    The increase in mobile phone use


    The increase in mobile phone use in recent years has transformed the way we live, communicate and do business. Mobile phones can also be the cause of scocial or medical problems what forms do these problems take?

    Do you think the advantage outweigh the disadvantages of mobile phones?


    Today, mobile phones communication has wide-spread around the world and among human lives. Increase of business needs, has made a tremendous measure in the industry of technology to output new models of communication such as Mobile Tab, Samsung Galaxy, blackberry and many more in order to customize the efficiency of business tracks. But, a large range of population who use mobile phones, dealt with critical impact of health effects like headaches, unclear visions due to these usages. Therefore in this essay, I would like to talk about the both advantages and disadvantages, that the communication crops to our society on mobiles platform.

    In past decades, people used to exchange information through various forms of communication such as Post Mails, birds, arrows, horses and carts. During these periods, the delivery of messages were not that efficient concerned to level of priorities hence, delays were multiplied due to method of communication types. In terms of improving communication models and minimizing descrepencies, super visions were born to this world like Alexander Grahambell, who invented the dialing telephone to ease gaps in communication. Thereafter, these inventions were short listed applying new concepts in bringing wired communication into wireless communication path with mobiles technology. As a result of these effects, most of the current generations are lodged into business applications such as Vodaphones, Nokia, Samsung, Apple..etc, which we are using E-mails, SMS, and Wifi to access immediate message transformation arround business or work area.

    Secondly, many mobiles experts says that, rays behind mobiles does alot harm to human body. It is more concerned, that many mobile users were effected with unusual headaches, ear pains and less eye contacts after consecutive period. The reason found by latest researches, declared that all technologies behind mobile architecure uses an unacceptable law of powefull high frequency integrations, which are 90% on red-belt. Therefore, many of the people are been advised with new concepts that, mobiles are better used with head sets, or micro blutooth devices to prevent unecessary heat conducted by direct ear contact with mobile phone.

    Finally, technology in terms of business communication is a must and that of mobile utility brings whole world a one platform to set and interconnected operation between financial sectors. Perhaps, in near future, we might use more advanced tools instead harmful mobiles to ease environmental friendly communication but mobile distributors like high frequencies should be limited to an acceptable state of global law, to reduce harmful effects. In my opionion, i believe as the growth of demand increases in mobile phone technology , it doesn't matter how badly the consequences are but technology exapands within minute to cater our soceity tommorow with advanced tools and concepts.
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