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    put into? were put into?

    In 1933 the rubber, clothing, and shipbuilding industries put into effect a six-hour workday,
    not as a temporary expedient but as a seemingly permanent accommodation to what many observers thought was
    an economy made overproductive by advances in technology.

    Question: In my eye, put into is wrongly used and were put into should be used.
    Afterwards I found some examples about put into in 《A DICTIONARY OF CURRENT IDIOMATIC ENGLISH》
    (published by Chinese ):
    1) The good idea was never put into effect.
    2) We have decided to put the plan into
    So, I feel that passive tense should be used in the original sentence. Is my opinion right?

    Dear teachers, thanks!!!
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    Re: put into? were put into?


    Active voice:

    The industries put a six-hour workday into effect.
    The industries put into effect a six-hour workday.

    Passive voice:
    A six-hour workday was put into effect by the industries.

    The industries is the subject of the active-voice verb put in the first two sentences.

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