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    Animal rights protestors strongly believe ...


    Animal rights’ protesters strongly believe that any form of animal experimentation is not only cruel and inhumane but also immoral. Scientists, however, believe that it is justified when used to develop new medicines, which benefit the lives of humans.

    Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

    Many people strongly believe that most scientific experiments, includes alive creatures for testing their newly developed medicines which benefit to human lives whereas some strongly believe, that it is an inhuman activity that should not be in place of animal rights. In this essay, i will elaborate about both the views to give my opinion.

    Today, science has wide spread arround the world due to the demand in medicines in terms of the arrival of new diseases. As, in the history of science, professionals used to test these products injecting to a live rat, or a frog in the laboratary. This is done becasue the sample testings has no gurantee for side effects hence a body formation and function of a human being very much similar to a formation of a mamal. It is true, that we as human beings have worthful lives than that of small creatures as a "concept of science" but it should be properly manipulated along with the pros and cons, how important are the lives of other animals sacrifices for these testings. It can be prevented by following some alternatives, for an example, today we have artificial respiratory equipment to keep human body live though the body is dead. This machine keeps, oxygen stable and the body transportation under specific temperature. This could be an ideal way for scientists to test a dead body while using machinery respiratory system to check laboratory test specifications. It could be a more preventive measure in spite of animal rights.

    Most valuable reason, why animal rights should be in place is that on a concept "we are not suppose to take away one's life" since it runs out of laws. Some people on relegious views bound to beleive killing an animal is a crual and immoral and animals are natural sources of ecosystem, who helps in balancing the environmental pest controls. Today, many animals are killed in thousands for laboratory testing and meet production which is not anyhow acceptable by the law of judgement. They are born, not for our test cases, and for a reason to support our nature. Many people use to visit animal parks in week-ends and those we see are caged inside caves, or steel bents without proper medication and cares to their health. Some animal suffer in disease that we never know, becasue they cannot talk and say about sickness. Therefore, it is more humanly we should take a very good care of such animals by preventing then been harmed and educating people about animal rights.

    Finally, I strongly beleive that there are many alternatives to prevent these innocent creature by been harm for medicianl product testings, and that should be discussed and solved out by the professionals.
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