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    Unhappy School Application

    can you help me with my friends application and grammar

    The reason I sign Sun Yat-sen university is a very good school in Taiwan in engineering.
    For me, I was in South Korea on a four-year college of engineering read materials engineering.
    My goal now is to learn to use my 4 years of professional and technical knowledge and language finding a work-related business management.
    What a coincidence, this time I am busy learning Chinese, I found out your enrollment announcement in this year, and I sign this scholarship .
    If I go to Taiwan Sun Yat-sen university to learn, I want to learn the same with the following stage.

    First. Learning Chinese
    In fact, I from highshool to now has been learned Chinese, so reading Simplified chinese and writng are very familiar with me. But for me, Traditional chinese hard comparatively. But if I go to Taiwan to learn, taking advantage of the study period, we must learn traditinonal chinese and, must strive to learn before May 2015 to obtain fluent level TOCFL exam.

    Second. Technical terms learning
    I majored in materials engineering, of course, have learned in Korea 4 years of expertise. But I want to study engineering terminology in terms of what Taiwan is, what is the difference with South Korea, with South Korea and Taiwan technical aspects of what is technically not the same as what level of development. If you give me a chance to go to Taiwan, not only to learn Chinese and check some of my own material with the technical aspects of the paper, to use study material that material aspects of the technology in Taiwan.

    Third. Experience the culture of Taiwan
    I think the language training courses can also count a good opportunity to experience a country's culture and technology. Especially when studying abroad, study abroad is certainly easy access to the country, including many people in various countries. And you can deal with them, talk to them to communicate. Honestly, I've never been to Taiwan, this country is the feeling of some Taiwanese drama. So, give me a chance to go to Taiwan to learn, then, want to see Taiwan has a long history of the site, want to feel how Taiwanese life. In fact, except me most Koreans are not familiar with Taiwan, so have the opportunity, I would like to use social platforms, blog about what Taiwanese food advertising matter, monuments friends, festival or something.

    Overall, taking advantage of this opportunity for language learning courses, I not only want to improve my Chinese level, but would like to become an expert in materials technology in Taiwan and South Korea business aspects.

    *for my friends application.. thanks

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    Re: School Application

    I am baffled as to why this application letter is being written in English. It is an application to a Taiwanese university from a Philippino person who has lived and worked in Korea and has studied Chinese. I can see no reason for any part of it to be in English.

    Unfortunately, there are so many errors in this letter, I am not prepared to start trying to correct it. It will take too long.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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