Here's my letter Please Help!!

To the manager of BRITA

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my frustrations about the advertisement I saw today. I am referring to the advertisement which shows Oil coming out of a women's/ men's mouth.

To begin with, This is an inappropriate advertisement. Which can cause misunderstanding and lead to fear. The children who see this advertisement can get nightmares or get frightened if they do not know what the advertisements about. This ad is took exposed publicly and might affect the wrong audiences.

To make matters worse, The text in the advertisement is not quite clear so, the audiences who view it might not be able to understand the advertisement. Because the text blends in with the advertisement.

I would like to suggest changing the advertisement and making it more appropriate for every one. The advertisement can be improved by placing oil tanks on the advertisement to show the 16 gallons of Oil or just using plastic bottles consumed to make the advertisement more appropriate. But if you cannot apply these changes then I wish to remove this advertisement from the public eye. If you do not take these steps,I will not hesitate to report this advertisement.

I look forward to hearing back from you

Yours Faithfully,

(My signature)

Here is the advertisement I'm going to complain to. (Credits to BRITA for the picture I do not own this ad )