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Personal Statement
To be part of a program which will give me better knowledge and sharpen my skills is the most inspired thing that I have been looking for. Since I was in my first year at university I have noticed the restrictive ambience at my university and that doesn't convince my prospects for being a qualified engineer and a strong leader. So from the very beginning I undertook doing a lot of activities outside my university study and looking for opportunities like NESA which could fulfill my ambitious personality.
I joined the Path Founders Forum (and that/which) allows me to participate in different experiments in volunteer work and has helped me to create a very good level of teamwork. And also teaching other student math and physics (and that/which) learned me that I have to be patient if I am in the position of power. I figured out that having the knowledge is not enough without getting the skills to be able to benefit others and using this knowledge in the best way.

My several activities have formed my skillful characteristic and that made my classmates chose me to be the leader of them and to speak in behave of them. This experience has learned my a lot of things but I still looking for chances to plug up the holes in my dealing with different situations and to cope with problems. So when I heard about NESA program I set my sight on it and consider it as one of my essential targets.

I started doing small steps to qualify myself to be a student in the United State. I have been studying several courses through the internet in the American Universities websites like and Especially my unique experience with MIT course that I took through the internet and according to it I changed my idea of being just a student in the United State to be the best student there and be a full professor in my major because this experience gave me the confident to reject the mistaken belief we are unable to compete global students in the best universities in the world and It motivates me to say loudly "We can do it. Yes, we can".

On top of that, There are two of my English teachers studied at the United State and they told me about the atmosphere there and that boosted my emotion to be there. Not just to get the knowledge but also to show American people that there are Yemenis who have the ability and the intention to build their nation and cooperate with other nations. I'll show clearly the opposite of what is displayed on TV particularly in the last period.

From my point of view, NESA program is an extraordinary experience because it contains community service which will enhance my experience in this side and give me the power to improve the community service here at my country according to what I is available at the US. I expect to be back with the appropriate capacity to achieve my goals especially in my last year in bachelor's degree. It will be infinitely preferable after coming back because I think I will be more enthusiastic to conclude my journey through the bachelor's degree. Not only as an engineer but also as a leader and a role model for other student in the my collage.

I believe that I am a strong candidate because of my sense of adventure ,my ability to learn quickly, my high initiative and above all my determination to overcome all the obstacles.

In my free time I like playing football, swimming, running, shopping and going out with friends.