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    we don't need no education

    Dear Mr. Or Ms,
    I'm Writing From Turkey And I Want To Ask A Question About The Sentence You See Above:"we Don't Need No Education." I Know That The Correct Form Of This Sentence However I Can Not Name The Mistake. Can We Say It Is About Subject-verb Agreement? If We Can't, What Could We Call This Mistake As?if You Could Answer It As Soon As Possible, I Will Be Grateful To You.
    Thanks A Lot...

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    Re: we don't need no education

    It's an example of a double negative:

    We do not need no education. <two negatives>

    Prescriptive grammarians - grammarians that follow the traditional rules of the grammar - (would) argue that it's semantically awkward: "no education" means, education doesn't exist, so how can it be that "we don't need" something that doesn't exist?

    Descriptive grammarians - grammarians that describe how speakers use language - (would) argue that certain double negatives serve to add emphasis: "no" adds further emphasis to "do not".

    Welcome, Gülhan.

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