Fatherhood out to be emphasized as much as motherhood.The idea that women are solely responsible for bringing up children.To what extent you agree or disagree(250 words)

In the past,it was popular that the one who was responsible to bring up children- was the mother only;the fathers' responsibility was to get money and provide a good life.However,a change in the belief took place in the previous few years;nowadays,some people claim that fatherhood should be emphasized much more.Although some people see that fathers must contribute in the bringing up of children and it's not only mother's responsibility,other people still see that it's only mother's responsibility.
"Of course me and my husband,George!" said Miss Karmen when she was asked who was in charge of bringing up her child,she added"Oh,I really cannot do this alone,my child needs both of us". If the child use to live,interact and play with his mother only,that will lead to improper dealing with other people including his dad.The fact that father for money and mother for upbringing is absolutely out of date.
Actually,some still adhere to their point of view regardless the prior information claiming that parents must contribute,yet in their way;each one is responsible for only one thing.We have an example ,Robert Frans,a teacher in a high school in Australia, he said" Why I have to tire myself more, it's my wife's own business"
For me I actually think that fatherhood ought to be emphasized, but not as much as motherhood.I think mothers' share in upbringing should be more than that of fathers.