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    The text says:"dose anyone else think she use to look better when she wasn 't platium blonde?
    In this sentence, why is there the verb "use". What does it mean? Perhaps is it correct "used"?

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    Re: used

    "used to", with d, indicates a past condition or habitual practice.

    EX: In the past, she used to look . . . (past tense)
    EX: In the past, did she use to look . . . ? (auxiliary "did" carries the past tense marker)

    Note, "used to" /ju:zd tu:/. The consonant cluster /zd t/ is complex, so speakers often reduce it to /z t/, pronounced [ju:s tu:]. Its written form, however, is with /d/,

    Written form: used to
    Spoken form: [ju:s'tu]

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