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Thread: to sound

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    to sound

    What does this sentence mean?

    "She sounds awful!"

    (does verb "sound" have more meanings?)

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    Re: to sound

    sound, verb, to give a specified impression.

    Max: Do you hear that? What's that sound?
    Sam: It's Mary. She's singing in the shower.
    Max: She sounds awful.
    => Max's singing voice gives a specified impression; it's awful>

    Pat: How are you, Max?
    Max: I've got a sore throat.
    Pat: I can hear that. Your voice sounds terrible.
    <Max's speaking voice gives a specified impression; it's terrible.

    Sam: Would you like to go for lunch? I'll pay.
    Max: That sounds great!
    => Sam's idea to pay for lunch gives a specified impression; Max thinks it's a great idea.

    Pat: I can't go to school today. I have a cold.
    Sam: But you look well, and you don't have a fever.
    Pat: But I feel ill.
    Sam: Well, it sounds to me like you don't want to go to school because you have a test today.
    => The circumstances give a specified impression; Pat is pretending to be ill.

    Have you checked out It's a free on-line dictionary.

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