The charts below show the levels of participation in education and science in developing and industrialised countries in 1980 and 1990.
Write a report for the university lecturer describing the information shown below.

The three bar charts illustrate the three distinct categories of developing and industrialised nations with regard of education and amount of money spent on research and development. During the period of 10 years. Overall, the graph trend reveals that the industrialized countries participated and pay out more cash on schools and investigations and Evolutions.

Distinctly, by comparing, the figures demonstrate the average annually schooling of developing and industrialized nation was not uniform. In the year 1980 growing countries yearly schooling ratio was 2 however, rich country (industrialized) was 8 comprehensively. Moreover, after a decade the poor nations each year share in schooling changed slightly by 3 whereas, the wealthy nations ratio rapidly increased by 10 approximately.

Beside this, the education areas of developing countries werenít crucial alter as well such as in science and technical workers in the year 1980 merely 10 per 1000 people participated. While after ten years there statists were slightly progress in the field of education by 15 per 1000 people. On the contrary, the number of scientists and technicians in industrialised countries almost doubled to about 70 per 1000 people after a decade. Moreover the expenditure on research and development also saw rapid growth in these countries, reaching $350 billion in 1990. However, on the other side, the spending of the developing countries between 1980 and 1990 considerably plunged by 50 to 10 billion dollars.

In short, the developing nations contribution in schooling and research werenít sustain, even thought, other rich nations expends their giant fortune on ever sector.