When a country develops its technology, the traditional skills and the ways of life die out. It is pointless to try and keep them alive.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with the opinion?

In this twenty-first century technology has dramatically changed due to rapid and wide advancement in technical field. Indeed, realistically, every developed nation endeavors to ameliorate them for the future development. Therefore, certain people deem due to this evolution the traditional skills and ways of life has phenomenally affected. But, I personally peruse, it is crucial for every nation to thrive persistently by adapting new innovations from modern technology. Whereas, it's hard for traditional skills to fade from the country or society.

Initially, most of the sustainable sectors such as agriculture, education and trade are immensely influenced by technology expansion. But, the traditional abilities are not completely vanished. Certainly, in the field of agriculture the impact of technology is significant. Today, farming is more intensive with the aid of modern agricultural machinery. Beside this, diverse green houses are assembled by governments, which contribute to prevent the environmental hazards such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides and deforestations. However, in certain terrorists people are still preserving their farming heritage. Moreover, their way of harvesting hasnít changed. In on old farming house people are still using the old method for ripping the food.

Secondly, the education areas have more vastly influenced by technology. Undoubtedly, The teaching strategies have considerably modified, for example, presently, students are submitting assignments by email moreover all the projects are also designed with the association of Internet. However the relation between teacher and student are not fully shattered today students are still going to their teacher for their quires.

Finally, trade, the international merchandises has rapidly adapted new modern ideas for better economy. Moreover, several new plans are used for export and import business For instance, all the consumable good in the foreign market (international) are speedily exported without any deal with the help of quick cargos services like airplanes, jets etc. and also aids to increase the finance of the nation. However, in the past, the darling of export and import, sent by overseas took several months to reach with numerous environmental hazards. But, now with the support of satellites, very swiftly we can reckon the weather forecast instantly. Although, the dock loading on ships and flight are not significantly alter. Whereas, certain countries are still working on the old routine schedules, especially in the fishing market.

In conclusion, there are certain areas where technology drastic alterations, but the classical talent wonít effacement from the community or homeland. Moreover, every advantage has had some drawbacks.