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    what is the differnce between view and scene?

    can you explain the differnce between the following words;view, scene, scenery, sights?

    For example, can I say like
    I went to the art center and I was sitting on the bench in the square which is in front of the center. the view from where I am sitting was beautiful.

    Also,what about this sentence?
    The scenery from the window on the train was beautiful.

    it 's very confusing for me to distintuish the meaning. pleas help me with an example sentence. Thank you!

    p.s. can I call the small open area where people can sit or take a walk a square?

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    Re: what is the differnce between view and scene?

    View/scenery- not much difference, but view is often wider in meaning- it can be anything we see, while scenery is less likely to be used for something very ugly.
    Scene- where something happens- the scene of the accident
    Sights- the famous places tourists visit


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